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Chan & Grant, LLP

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We bring value to our clients with our extensive experience, organizational ability and preparation of a company's defense, from the initial assignment of a particular case to trial and appeal.  Our team follows an internal protocol where the overall goal of the case is first identified and then a strategy is formed to accomplish such goal.  We utilize focus groups and conduct reenactments of the accident in order to fully understand our client's exposure and where liability should be found.  Reporting is strictly controlled with a powerful litigation management system that the Firm uses.  We maintain strict reporting rules in line with each client's specific guidelines. 

Our Practice Areas Include:


- Domestic and International Commercial Airlines

- Product and Parts Manufacturers

- Restaurants and Bars

- Maintenance Facilities

- Airport Terminal Operators and Contractors

- Wrongful Death

- Personal Injury

- Premises Liability

- Insurance

- Property Damage

- Breach of Contract

- Commercial Litigation

- Products Liability

- Accident Investigation

- Administrative Hearings

- Appellate Practice


- Litigation Preparedness

- Early Case Assessment

- Litigation and Legal Hold

- Preservation, Collection, Review and Production

- Budget Flow Analysis

- Cost-Effective Review and Search Tools

- Quality Assurance

- Chain of Custody

- Database Formats


- Mediation

- Arbitration

- Settlement Conferences

- High - Low

- Double Blind Proposal

- Bracketing